Doug Watkins

iOS Developer


I love to create - apps and art - and love to solve problems.

I am the glue. I keep balance and harmony on teams. I am able to get teams that aren't getting along to become allies.

I am the solutionist. Yes, that is a word now according to me. I am able to see into, through, around, and outside of the problem. I can come up with solutions quickly that will stand the test of scrutiny and objective thought.

I am flexible. Sometimes my solution is not the best, either because of a lack of experience in a specific area or not knowing all of the variables that need considering, but I am able to take the constructive criticism and bend to a superior solution. My ego does not get in the way of creating the optimal solution to any given problem.

I am the reasoner. I use logic and reason to make my decisions, so they usually are very good ones. My mind is constantly coming up with new ideas on ways to improve things I come upon or need to work on. My mind uses my reasoning to make sure that I can be the solutionist.

I also need challenges and love being able to solve complex problems, this is the reason I chose to develop mobile applications, currently only iOS but android will happen someday.

I am also looking to make a positive difference in the world around me. I am looking for employment which will allow me to do all of these things, while improving my skills.


  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • SQL
  • Firebase
  • CoreData
  • CocoaPods
  • PHP
  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Git - Bitbucket


  • English - Native
  • German - I can speak/read/understand like a 1st grader can read - 2 years at USU
  • Spanish - 2 years in High School

Project Spotlight

MFS2 - short for My Food Storage V2 - is the second food storage app I've developed on my own. I started as a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is currently in the beta testing phase of development.

Technologies used were Swift and Firebase for Authentication, image storage, and database management - as well as the ability to sync cross platform at a later date. Other open source technologies were used for things such as the tutorial and graph plots. Firebase, being a JSON string database, introduced numerous design challenges and obstacles since my background is using SQL databases to store and manage data. Once I modified my original data structure and way of thinking, things went smoothly.

This is the third project I've done using Swift, and things are going smoother. The changes made from Swift 1 to 2, and then to 3, have had relatively minor impacts on my coding and design efforts.

Technologies used to make this project possible are:

  • Swift for the main app code, some Objective-C - including a bridger file to make them work with the swift files
  • Firebase to store user data and synchronize data between devices - possibly multiple OSs once an Android app is developed, along with a possible website
  • Firebase also stores some images that the user saves
  • All firebase data is also stored locally in the event of no connectivity - users can also turn off sync and keep all data local with no data stored in the cloud
  • Open Source projects kept updated through CocoaPods, along with a few open source projects for certain functionalities - such as the tutorial and the pie graphs
  • All repos are hosted privately on

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B.A. Managment Information Systems Database Administration Emphasis, Minor in Computer Science from Utah State University.

Doug Watkins Development


May 2013 - Current

  • Most of my iOS app development work has been done for Doug Watkins Development
  • Apps created in Swift and Objective-C, using several open source libraries. Data stored using CoreData, MySQL, SQLite3, User Defaults, Firebase, and the documents directory
  • Also created many websites - most using customized Wordpress installs - using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP

TyrSoft LLC


November 2016 - Present

  • Discuss issues with the client to come up with a real problem that can be solved with software
  • Use these discussions to create a set of requirements for said software, then build and deliver software to fix a specific problem
  • Currently solving problems with iOS apps, but will continue to asses other software solutions to meet client requirements

USU Research Foundation

Network Assistant II

April 2011 - Dec. 2013

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues along side the system administrators
  • Utilize critical thinking and efficient Google-ing to find issues and then fix them for all computer users at the USU Research Foundation

Net Radius

Junior Software Engineer

March 2014 - May 2014

  • Building websites using JavaEE, Maven, Spring, and PostgreSQL
  • Built a phone answering/routing system using Twilio

Other Employment Available Upon Asking

Aug. 2003 - Present

  • I've been working a long time - I only included employment that seems pertinent

In Conclusion

I've been coding since 2000 when I took my first CS class in high school. I've loved it ever since - even though my focus has moved away from making games, which is what got me into CS to begin with, I still thoroughly enjoy the process of creating apps.

After minoring in Computer Science at USU, I switched majors to MIS Database Administration since it was the most like CS. While teaching myself Obj-C for my senior project, I realized I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my career - make iOS apps. My first app was an extremely simplified version of MFS2 - all the heavy lifting was done on the web page we built, the app only sent information to the server and displayed information from the server. And even though the app was simple and not "Cool" I still loved making it.

I've been doing my own spec apps since then and still love making them. I plan to modify mfs2 once it is finished and turn it into a small but inexpensive warehouse management system for smaller companies to use.

While that goes on during my spare time, I am looking for employment with a company that will both stimulate me to help me become a better developer and provide me with the ability to be a contributing member of the team.

I am also looking into starting a non-profit charity to help people - I haven't quite picked a group to help, but the two that are top so far are natural disaster victims and veterans.

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